Thursday, August 18, 2011

Next Up: Marriage

I figure it's time for an update. Since last time, major life changing things have occurred which generally dictate a good reason to blog. First off, it turns out that I will be getting married next July 14! Ryan proposed on July 31 while we were on a sweet, but very hot, picnic in DC complete with the classic YL blanket, Potbelly sandwiches, and a sunset. I loved it. It was just us two. Fighting the heat, the tourist buses, and groups of asians with cameras. He got me my DREAM ring. Let me tell you a quick story about this one!

I was browsing online looking at rings around last year to see if I could even find one that met my taste. Which is very picky I might add.We had talked about getting married, so being the control freak that I am, I wanted to see what kind of stuff was out there juuuust to gently steer his browsing.  I know, all you girls are saying, "Shannon you need to trust him more". And really, that's completely true.  I knew I wanted intricate detail, simple, yet classy. Really vague I know. I had the picture of what it looked like in my head, but finding it in real life was harder than I thought. After browsing for what seemed like forever, I found IT! And of course, showed my now married roommate Rachel. Now Rachel. I love her. But she's pretty bad at hiding the truth. Which is SUCH a good trait I might add. She immediately got wide-eyed and out came the truth: Ryan showed me that ring and told me it was the one he wanted to get you! That is how well Ryan knows me. He knew exactly what I would like before I even laid eyes on it. Talk about a needle in a haystack. And of course the rest is history.

I've entered the crazy world of wedding planning. And seriously it's overwhelming. Like everyone keeps telling me, everything does come together. We booked our photographer and venue in the first week we were engaged. I know, it was a miracle! I'm SO beyond excited to be surrounded by friends and family next year, but most of all to do it all with my best friend.

Ryan, I am so thankful for your patience. We are both proof that God's plans are always better than our own. I am beyond excited for the path that we get to walk together, serving our God together , and the relationships we will form together. But most of all, that we get to do it together. On a different note, our children will be adorable quarter-asians with blue eyes. Don't see that everyday. You're welcome!

Oh gosh I'm such a creeper. I just googled quarter asian babies. Yep, I'll dress my kid in a sweet beanie!
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