Our Wedding

Ryan and I got married on a HOT and humid July 14th, 2012. The forecast read 70% chance of thunderstorms for a straight week and I was a nervous wreck! We went through with our outdoor ceremony and after approximately 30 minutes after it had ended, the heavens let loose and the rain came pouring down for the rest of the night. We were so thankful that the Lord held off the rain! We loved every minute of our wedding and have so many great memories from that day! We had fantastic vendors and friends who worked so hard to pull off our perfect day.

Katelyn James Photography captured all of our engagement/wedding memories!
Check our DC engagement pictures here 
And our wedding pictures here

Here's a little highlight reel from our awesome videographer, Josh Gooden:

I also did a tiny series on DIY-ing our wedding...and what we decided not to DIY. You can view those posts here:

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