Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Chapters

My first official offer letter!
If you are socially connected to me at all (aka twitter or facebook) you should very well know that a whole lot has changed recently! I accepted my first job as a Marketing Assistant at Cherry, Bekaert & Holland a CPA consulting firm at their Tysons Corner office. I get to be doing what I love--marketing! Ryan and I were sitting at Tropical Smoothie enjoying the unusually beautiful (and non-humid) weather and smoothies when I got a call telling me that they picked me. It was so fun to share that happy moment with him and to celebrate with my best friend. My official start date is July 5, which is fast approaching! It still hasn't sunk in yet. Job, check.

Given that I just accepted a job in Northern Virginia, which is not by any means close to where I currently live in Fredericksburg, I had another hurdle to conquer--where and who was I going to live with. This to me was scarier than the job aspect. A job is a job. But living with people I don't know in a place that I'm unfamiliar with scared me. And to be honest, it still scares me. I kept having to tell myself, the Lord provided you with this amazing opportunity in this new area, surely he will finish what he started. I had 3 weeks figure it all out and to move! Thanks to the internet I found 3 lovely roommates through a church roommate connect board that were exactly what I was looking for. They wanted accountability, they wanted to invest time and a relationship with their roommates, and they were CLEAN! It was a miracle. They wanted to sign a lease and move in by July 1. A timing miracle. The townhome was only 10 minutes away from work and that I won't have to take any major roads...another huge miracle.  I keep thinking Jesus, you are spoiling me with your provision. Roommates, fantastic townhouse, check.

Needless to say I'm staring at the brink of a new chapter in life that starts, well, Wednesday! It is exciting, nerve-wrecking and crazy to me all at the same time. Everything will be new--new job, new city, new roommates, new townhouse, new church. But it is where I have come from, my past, that I know I can depend on to propel me through the "new". It'll be both the good and the bad experiences that I have learned from, the roommates who carried me when I was weak, my loving and supportive family, my sacrificial boyfriend and my persistent, all-providing Savior that will support me through the thick of the new changes. I could not feel more blessed for where I have come from, and where I am headed. Jesus provides!


  1. Best wishes, Shannon!

  2. wow, Shannon! God is so good! Can't wait to read about your exciting adventures! Thanks for sharing


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