Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One. More. Month

I'll be honest. I haven't been counting down the days until I graduate. Not because I'm not excited, or I want to stay in college for forever, but because I literally haven't had time to think about it. It hit me more today now that I have a cap, gown and awful drab colored hood. Even though I'm only taking 3 classes (praise Jesus), I am SO pressed for time.

Lots o'things are on my mind too:

1. What am I DOING with my life after I graduate?
I got officially accepted to join the Tidewater Team for Campus Crusade, so I very well could be where I ALWAYS said I wouldn't be after college--Newport News. Go figure, God likes to laugh at my plans :) However, I haven't committed to it fully yet. I still don't know if the Lord wants me down here. Mostly because I'm really calculated and careful and need to know 100% if this is what I'm suppose to be doing.

I could also get a big girl job. Although that job search hasn't been super successful. It takes so long to prepare a "customized" resume and cover letter for each job, knowing that 100 others are applying for the same exact position. Not to mention discouraging. I sometimes feel like nobody will ever hire me, even though I know I would be a great worker wherever I ended up. The next question is WHERE do I look for jobs. I've been literally looking all over Virginia--NOVA, Richmond, Fredericksburg, Norfolk, Charlottesville, etc. If only growing up wasn't so scary and daunting. But God is in control.

2. I am living, breathing, thinking all the time about my marketing projects.
So I'm only taking 3 classes right? Should be an easier semester (hypothetically). That could not be farther from the truth. I'm taking what would be the equivalent of a senior sem for both marketing AND another one for business. We do big projects, not big long papers. I love my major and honestly like doing projects more than papers or exams. Sooo projects consume my mind til they get done. So don't get me wrong, I secretly love these projects. I get to brainstorm creative ways to promote Christmas Town for Busch Gardens and I'm also part of the MAXI team for CNU involving the Chevy Volt and social media and it's promotion in D.C. It's pretty exciting and fun stuff! I'm such a nerd.

This is where I see my desire to be a perfectionist, overachiever self come out which is only good to a certain extent. When it consumes me, it's not good. And right now it's consuming me. I literally feel bad if I'm sitting idle at home or doing something else because they're not checked off my to do list yet. Which means a lot of important things get pushed to the side like quiet times, Skype dates with Ryan, praying about what to DO with my life, Cru, and even dinner sometimes! I know I'm crazy.

3. I really am going to miss college.
Sophomore year seems like yesterday...
I don't think about it too often because my mind runs in the future. But, I really am going to miss all of the people that I have come to know throughout college. Especially my roomies! I'm going to miss wearing jeans and waking up later than 9 am. I'm going to miss my church and my "first" apartment. I'm seriously going to miss my bathroom. If you haven't seen my bathroom, it's a beauty: walk in closets, he/she sinks, ginormous mirror, tile floors, you know the works. I'm just bragging here. I got spoiled. I'll miss the short drive to work and campus, being 5 minutes away from Target, PLAZA AZTECA. Oh the list could go on...

I'm not sure what made me blog. I haven't in awhile and this isn't really earth shattering stuff here. I'm pretty sure every senior is dealing with this in some way, but I am SO thankful that I serve a good God who has what's best for me already planned. I can (and should) put to rest my fears, because I can trust a God who has never broken a promise. I've been letting this song by Tenth Avenue North wash over me in the past few days and I simply love it. It has driven so much truth home in such a peaceful song. Just thought I'd share :)

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