Saturday, April 16, 2011

Update on Life

Because it's getting near "the end", so much changes so quickly. I thought I would share some quick updates.

I had the craziest week of my college career. No joke. I didn't think it was possible to get through this past week. I jam packed, sometimes overpacked, so much stuff that had to be accomplished in one week. Most of it was out of my hands, but it just resulted in an intensely stressful string of tasks. I spent the most time I've ever spent at the library over the past two years in this one week. If I didn't love my major I seriously would've wanted to die before getting through that week. I had two large marketing projects due in the same week. Busch Gardens was finished and presented on Tuesday which was such a relief. I had to jump right into finishing the MAXI competition for the Chevy Volt. Let me tell you. I don't want to think about hybrid/electric cars ANYMORE. We literally worked night and day in the BTC conference room for 3 days. It was a frustrating process. BUT it was submitted last night and it's finished :)

On top of all of that, and on a good note, I had 2 interviews for a job I reaaaally want. It's perfect. I didn't think I could get a true marketing job right out of college. The company sounds solid and really takes care of their employees. I've been blessed with good turnouts so far with each of the interviews so hopefully they will continue to move me through the process. This means I might be starting a job right after exams end. What a whirlwind that'll be if that happens. I would be relocating to Reston, VA desperately trusting the Lord to provide lots of needs that I currently do not have met... most importantly a roommate(s) and a place to live. Not to mention it'll be a new place all together. Thank goodness Ryan will be up there to do what he does best--support and encourage me. 

I turned 22 last weekend! Really, it doesn't feel any different. I actually had so many things I had to accomplish during that weekend that I ended up working on some homework. Ryan took me to Hayashi for a fun Japanese steakhouse date and then Melting Pot for dessert. So delicious! Seriously, our dating life has evolved around food. We just enjoy it together too much.

Despite the busyness and the crazy packed schedule, I was reminded all week just how awesome it is to live under God's will. I haven't once doubted that God is orchestrating a lot of changes that will play into how next year and the future plays out. I have every confidence in the fact that God is sovereign and will place me in the right job, the right apartment, with the right roommate, and the right area that right now only he knows. I am thankful for the ways that he has been preparing me for those things, even now and over the past 4ish years of college.

Two more weeks of college is all I have left! Just an MLAN research paper and a 418 presentation stand in my way of closing the last semester of senior year. If I can make it through this past week, everything remaining should be easy peasy :)

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  1. We are so proud of you and how God has shaped you into a woman of God. You are so ready to graduate and ready to go on with your life. We love YOU!
    Mom and Dad


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